U-Connect PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

The U-Connect PAC works as a liaison between families and the school to support personalized learning and to address feedback or concerns brought forth by parents or students.

Attending the PAC meetings is a great way to stay informed about current and upcoming PAC events.

Next meeting:

Monday February 3th 9am

2019-2020  Parent Representatives 

President:                 Maggie Collett

Vice President:        Tamiko Hinze

Treasurer:                Angie Pyper

Secretary:                Alison Hunter

District PAC:           Nikki Haddock

Member at Large:    Christa Williams

Member at Large:    Vacant

If you need to reach us please email us at: uconnectpacexec@googlegroups.com

U-Connect General PAC Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2019 9:10AM Meeting Called to order by Maggie

In Attendance:
Paul Trattle, Angie Pyper, Maggie Collet, Tamiko Hinze, Nikki Haddock, Kathy Johnson

Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was approved– Approved by Maggie

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the May 31 meeting were approved- Approved by Tamiko second by Angie



  • New staff
    • U-Connect is full!
    • New 3-4 and 7
    • All Secondary staff returned
    • Simonds is still short a couple of positions
  • Paul chose U-Connect and Simonds because he sees a great capacity for growth, engagement, and opportunity
  • Assembly today for 8-12, will include expectations of students and info on Vaping
  • Vision for school:
    • We are one community with two visions
    • Be Kind!
    • Focus on collaboration and professional development
  • Tomorrow is meet the Teacher at the school from 5-7
  • Many changes made to school
    • Washrooms for elementary moved over to previously unused washrooms
    • Flags added outside
    • Donation bin removed- was creating mess
    • Grounds have been cleaned
  • Changes to be made
    • Paint interior of school
    • Old pictures removed and will be archived
    • Foods room will be expanded
    • Science lab renovated and will be used more- by secondary and hopefully elementary
    • Parking lot repainted
    • Make wall space available to classes
  • School Goals
    • Elementary- Literacy
    • Secondary- Transitions, Graduation
  • Collaborative and Proactive solutions
    • Sending 3 staff for FOIPPA training



  • We would love to collaborate with Simonds PAC
    • We don’t do a lot of fundraising, but would love to build community and work together wherever possible
    • We have a great new website that is combined with Simonds
    • Facebook page
    • Possible Instagram page?



  • Angie was reimbursed for Lori Thomsen going away gift
  • 2 secondary scholarships were given last year- each $500
  • Angie reimbursed for our contribution to the staff luncheon
  • New Budget- tabled



  • Notes Attached
  • We must submit request for $300 for emergency item
  • Orange shirt day coming up October 1
  • Two items to vote on for next meeting
    • No Vape stores to be within 2 km of school
      • We say yes
    • Request disclosure on number of resource teachers required and number of positions currently filled
      • No opinion


New Business

  • Tamiko suggests to bring in White Hatter (internet safety)
    • Would be great for Elementary and Secondary
    • Talk to Simonds about combining?
    • Find him on Facebook
  • Holiday market
    • Simonds is having their Holiday Market on November 23
    • Tables are $35 for adults and $15 for students of Simonds or U-Connect
    • Simonds will donate a table for their grade 5 grads and our Grad 12 grads!
    • They need volunteers if anyone is available please let Maggie know.
  • Rest of New Business Tabled to next meeting


Next meeting dates

March 2
April 6
May 4

Motion to adjourn made at 10:18 and passed unanimously

Simonds Elementary and U-Connect

20190 - 48 Avenue, Langley
BC, V3A 3L4
Phone: 604-530-2361
Fax: 604-530-9671