Intro to U-Connect

U-Connect’s Mission Statement

At U-Connect, parents and staff strive together to create a passionate, collaborative community which promotes the development of responsible, self-disciplined, life-long learners through diverse and flexible educational opportunities. It is an excellent choice for students interested in a different learning environment, offering a program for students and families that desire more flexibility and control over their education. U-Connect is for families living in the Langley School District.

Characteristics of our students are:

  • Intrinsically Motivated
  • Self-Disciplined

  • Creative
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Global thinkers who are socially aware

A Blended Learning Environment

Located in Langley, BC, U-Connect offers a unique, blended, site-based/home learning environment for students. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 can engage in a learning community that follows the Ministry of Education outcomes while respecting the individual learning style and interests of each student.

Programs at U-Connect are led by a creative and energetic staff of BCTF certified teachers. Learning plans are created in meetings between the teacher, parents and students in September outlining work to be completed through the term. Parents and students also meet with teachers during each reporting period to discuss progress and set directions for the following term.

The teachers at U-Connect are extremely approachable and available to meet face to face by appointment, by phone or e-mail. A supportive and engaging environment is created by each teacher for students and parents.

The core of our program involves blended learning on Mondays and Tuesdays, with optional Wednesday learning activities.

  • In K-7, teachers work with students and parents to create an individual learning plan for the student, with the idea that the parent will take a lead role in their child’s education on the days when the student is not in session at Simonds-UConnect.
  • In grade 8 and 9, students will also be at school Monday and Tuesday, with optional Wednesdays, but much more of the content is provided online through our online Moodle portal.
  • For Grade 10-12’s, we offer both Blended Program, a Blended Morning Only program, and courses that are strictly online. More information on these options can be found in the attached document.

Our Information Package: The U-Connect Program

Student Registration Form: Student Registration Form

Simonds Elementary and U-Connect

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