Welcome Back! – Information for Simonds Students and Parents

September 9, 2020

Welcome Back! Here is some information for the startup for our Simonds Students for September 10 and 11.

As part of our back to school plan, we will be inviting students to attend on Thursday, September 10, and Friday, September 11, from 8:50am to 12:00pm. Simonds Elementary students with last name starting with A-L will come on Thursday, September 10, and Simonds Elementary students with last name M-Z will come on Friday, September 11. All students will be in session on Monday, September 14, from 8:50am to 2:36pm.

The goal of our half day sessions is to welcome back students, re-orient them to school and provide information around safety related to Covid-19. Additionally, there will be fun activities in each of their cohorts as well as recess time.

Please be sure to have your children bring a water bottle, a snack and their school supplies. As students will not be sharing supplies this year, please ensure they are labelled with your child’s name.

Simonds Elementary and U-Connect

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